Not content to just spectate and want to have a go yourself? Well, this years super series will offer 2 opportunities for you to test yourself against the best in the state!

Round 2, The Old Freeway Hill Climb, and Round 6, the TTT.


How do you think you compare to the best riders in the state. Strava will give you some indication, but is that there best? And did you have a head wind when you last had a crack?

No sheep stations on offer, but you will get bragging rights over your friends!


All CSA members (RIDE or RACE members will be eligible). Don't have a membership? Then you can sign up for a day ride membership for an extra $10 as part of the licence.


$25 members, $35 non members.


You will be treated the same as everyone else in the Super Series. This means you will get

  • A number to keep
  • Electronic Timing
  • An awesome challenge
  • Post challenge refreshments
  • Your Chance to win Category Prizes

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!



Saturday 4th November


In unison with the Elite Super Series Team Time Trial at the Range - a cyclosportif will allow teams of up to ten riders to ride the same course and see how their teams times stack up.

The concept is very simple. It's a timed teams event with teams - a maximum of ten (10) riders and a minimum of four (4) - challenging the clock over a set distance.  Your team leaves from a designated start point together and you ride the distance nominated by your Team Captain (all events in the series will have two (2), three (3) and four (4) lap distances to choose from). The object of the event is for your team to ride and stay together;

  •  If one of your team members has a mechanical, then all the other team members should stay with that rider while they fix their problem.
  • If you have a ‘slower’ team member, then all team members should drop their speed back, so they all ride together.
  • Each rider assists the other rider in their team, e.g. the strong riders protect the less experienced riders, but all team members have a role to play in getting to the finish line.
  • Each team will depart the start line in timed intervals and be provided with a finishing time.
  •  When your team crosses the finish line, your last rider's time is the one that is recorded. So the object is to stay together and work as a team.

These events are run with council & SAPOL approval. Corners where traffic may need to be stopped are manned by accredited traffic marshals. Corners where teams need to be advised to turn are manned by corner marshals. Medical personnel are also in attendance during the event.

Riders will face laps of the rolling circuit around "The Range" course in the Onkaparinga Council. Punctuated by short climbs and rolling flats riders will be expected to hit high speeds around the course. Pacing the effort will be a tough challenge even for the most experienced of teams.

Riders will head out towards Willunga hill along rolling rises. Just before they reach Willunga hill they do a sharp left onto a fast downhill, where riders will hit over 70km/h as they descend before a final climb up to the finish line.