Round 7

The Cycling South Australia Super Series will make its way back to Murray Bridge for the second time. Sturt Reserve is best known for being one of the best HPV (Pedal Prix) circuits around and has long been the host of the 24hour event. This fast course has a combination of sharp and flowing bends which will make for another year of exciting racing.

Available after the event


10:40am Masters. 2/Men. 3 30 Min + 2 Laps 1.4km 6
11:25am Women. 2 30 Min + 2 Laps 1.4km 6
12:10pm Men. 2 40 Min + 2 Laps 1.4km 6
1:05pm Masters. 1 40 Min + 2 Laps 1.4km 6
2:00pm Elite Women. 1 55 Min + 2 Laps 1.4km 6
3:10pm Elite Men. 1 55 Min + 2 Laps 1.4km 6
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*All times are subject to change and will be confirmed the week of the event

Set on the banks of the Murray River, the racing will be hard and fast. Last year...

Racing across 6 categories making for an action-packed day of entertainment. The event will be the perfect place to enjoy a lazy Sunday in what is an iconic part of the state.

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