Rounds Four & Five

The Copper Coast Cup | 28 & 29 October



The Copper Coast Cup is a two-round cycling event which is part of the larger Cycling South Australia Super Series. The Super Series is a 10 Round Series raced by the best male and female cyclists in South Australia. This year it has been expanded to feature six grades, providing even more exciting racing!

Wallaroo Road Race
Starting and finishing by the Wallaroo shores caravan park, this is not a race to miss. Although this isn’t as long as a Stage of the Tour de France and doesn’t go over any mountain passes, it still isn’t an easy race. Combining two major dirt road sections with skinny road bike tyres, the field is normally split apart as riders fight each other for the right line across the corrugated road surface. The added carnage thrown in by punctures and crashes adds to the excitement. Amongst racers, this is quickly creating a cult like status – a race that everyone wants to win!

Starting at the Wallaroo North Beach Tourist Park, the race does an out and back to Tickera, before heading to Alford. Here the riders turn onto the dirt on the Tickera Alford road. They receive some relief once they reach Tickera, but this is short lived as they once again hit the dirt before finishing back at the Wallaroo North Beach Tourist Park

Covering 77km, in less than two hours this is a short and very hard race.

Copper Coast Cup

Best Places to Spectate:

The Finish Line – Wallaroo North Beach Tourist Park

Although you won’t see Mark Cavendish at the front of a 200 hundred rider peloton, you will see some extremely exciting finishes with small bunches normally battling it out for the win. With 6 grades coming in there will be plenty of excitement.

Start of the Dirt –Tickera-Alford Road – Alford
Point 1

The town of Alford marks the start of the dirt road sections. After 49km of racing, the rider's legs are already sapped, and it is a full out sprint as they battle to get to the front before the carnage unfolds. If they don’t get to the front of the bunch, then they will likely get caught behind an accident and see their chances of riding away with the race disintegrate

Start of Section 2 – 66 Km - Wallaroo Plain Road
Point 2

After one gruelling dirt section, the rider’s legs are fatigued. Those with the most left will use this as a springboard to try and get away and try and hold the bunch of till the finish. Every opportunist will be using this as their opportunity to escape!


2016 Super Series - Rd 3 (2)


The Kadina Criterium

Criteriums are short circuit races. They are cyclings equivalent of 2020 Cricket. Fast, hard racing, with lots of spills and thrills. Raced around the 800-m course in Kadina’s Victoria Square, this event makes for some of the best spectating available.  Each grade will compete a set distance – with the Elite men racing for an hour with sprints in the mix to keep things interesting, they are very spectator friendly and offer a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Things to be Mindful of:

The elite teams are made up of either the best semi professional riders that the country has on offer, in other words they aren’t just out for a gentle Sunday spin. They go fast, very fast. On the flat roads they can average over 50km/h! And in the sprint, finish some riders can get up to 70km/h. if the race is coming past, make sure you give them space, and don’t get in their way!

Kadina Crit

Cycling South Australia would like to Acknowledge the support provided by the Copper Coast Council to help make this event possible.

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