NEWS| Victoria Veitch and Cameron Bayly Claim Victory in Round Two

October 9, 2017

Category 1 – Elite Men & Elite Women

Cameron Bayly (IsoWheySports SwissWellness) & Victoria Veitch (Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Blackchrome) claimed victory in the Old Freeway Hill Climb, Round 2 of the Cycling SA Super Series 2017 Sunday, 8 October.

Bayly was one of the last riders to start the climb following teammate, Joe Cooper (IsoWheySports SwissWellness), and with an incredibly strong finish, Bayly beat the 2-time New Zealand National Road Champions by 20 seconds, earning the IsoWheySports SwissWellness team 1st and 2nd place on the podium.

Bayly last took on the short and painful Old Freeway Hill Climb in the 2015/16 Series, winning with a time of 12:40.2. Bayly managed to take almost 30 seconds off his previous Series record with a time of 12:10.5.

Having produced top 10 results in Le Tour de Langkawi and the Tour of China, Bayly and the IsoWheySports SwissWellness team look to make their mark on big Australian road races including the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic (14 October) before heading back to Asia.

For the team we’ve got to hit our goals, Warrnambool next weekend, Gippsland and then the second biggest race we’ll do is the tour of Hainan in China.” Said Bayly. “Then we’ll come back here [South Australia] and half the guys will do the Copper Coast Cup and we’ll be finishing off the Super Series on a high.

Rylan Dowdell (Unified Solutions Group Cycling Team) placed in third. After a recent injury setback, Dowdell has demonstrated he is back and ready to hit the Series hard. The series leader after Round 2 for Category 1 – Elite Men is Tom Kaesler (Lightsview), the only rider to place in both of the opening rounds.

 Category 1 Elite Men – Top 10

  1. Cameron BAYLY (IsoWheySports SwissWellness) 12:10.5
  2. Joe COOPER (IsoWheySports SwissWellness) 12:30.5 +20.0
  3. Rylan DOWDELL (Unified Solutions Group Cycling Team) 12:39.2 +28.6
  4. Tom KAESLER (Lightsview) 13:03.1 +52.6
  5. Justin GASSNER (Lightsview) 13:03.3 +52.7
  6. Ethan EGGLESTONE (Y) (Van D’am Racing p/b Butterfields) 13:09.3 +58.8
  7. Karl EVANS (McNeil Logistics) 13:21.9 +1:11.4
  8. Craig INGRAM (Cervelo – Olivers Real Food Racing) 13:26.1 +1:15.6
  9. Jason THOMASON (Van D’am Racing p/b Butterfields) 13:30.9 +1:20.4
  10. Juan Pierre JACOBS (McNeil Logistics) 13:38.4 +1:27.8

With a time of 16:05.1, the Mercedes-Benz Blackchrome Team Captain, Victoria Veitch successfully rode her way to the top of the podium. Veitch put her climb success down to her time spent training with teammate, and 3rd place winner, Narelle Hards.

I think that the Mercedes-Benz Blackchrome team have a good set of climbers, I might be at the older end of the age group but I can still climb.” Said Veitch. 

Veitch is not wrong, the Mercedes-Benz Blackchrome Team took the 2016 Series Old Freeway Climb 1-2-3 and Veitch herself named QOM in the 2016 Tour of the Barossa.

Looking towards the 2017 Copper Coast Cup, Veitch says

I think you’ve got to just keep working up to the front and try to minimize the number of riders sliding around you, the core riders have ridden together for several years, a lot of us train together and we know each other and how we ride, we trust each other to turn up to the game and hopefully get the job done.

500m Time Trial Australian National Champion, Breanna Hargrave took out second place, earning the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) rider enough points to take the General Classification lead and yellow jersey into Round 3.

Category 1 Elite Women – Top 10

  1. Victoria VEITCH (Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Blackchrome) 16:05.1
  2. Breanna HARGRAVE (SASI – Blue) 16:12.3 +7.2
  3. Narelle HARDS (Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Blackchrome) 16:24.6 +19.5
  4. Brittany PETERSEN (Butterfields Focus) 16:35.7 +30.6
  5. Maeve PLOUFFE (SASI – Blue) 16:37.5 +32.4
  6. Sophie EDWARDS (SASI – Blue) 16:43.9 +38.8
  7. Jessica MUNDY (Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Blackchrome) 16:47.9 +42.8
  8. Alison SKINNER (Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Blackchrome) 16:50.6 +45.5
  9. Gerogia BAKER (SASI – Blue) 16:54.4 +49.3
  10. Chloe MORAN (SASI – Red) 16:57.3 +52.2

Category 2 – Men & Women

Adelaide University – Form Physio Racing has claimed the team’s first win for the 2017 Super Series with Lachlan McRae’s Hill Climb time of 14:03.7. Like many, McRae started riding because it takes you places, he “didn’t set out to obsess about this sport but I seemingly have, and through this obsession I have come to realise that I love the challenge of continually pushing my physiological and mental limits”. It is no surprise, the Hill Climb suited McRae, a round that truly tests both mental and physical boundaries. Harry Askew (Cycling SA State Development) climbed into second place and Nathan Dowie (Gravier.CC X Spin Cycle Clothing) took third.

 Category 2 – Men Top 5

  1. Lachlan MCRAE (Adelaide University – Form Physio Racing) 14:03.7
  2. Harry ASKEW (State Development – Red)               14:12.7 +8.9
  3. Nathan DOWIE (Gravier.CC X Spin Cycle Clothing) 14:14.2 +10.5
  4. Mark SAMPSON (Gravier.CC X Spin Cycle Clothing) 14:28.3 +24.5
  5. Jesse ENRIGHT 14:40.2 +36.5

In the Category 2 Women’s classification, Hannah Seeliger (Cycling SA State Development) climbed into top spot with a time of 17:39.4; a time that would have placed her mid field in the more experienced Category 1 Elite Women classification. Emily Hill (Blackchrome Butterfields) placed second and Jazz Martin (Coffylosophy Cycling Team) in third.

We spoke to Seeliger’s coach, Kerran Oates, in relation to the young athlete’s success so far.

“Hannah has worked diligently on her cycling over the past 12 months, not just the physical aspects but the race and training skills as well. She is a tough and talented cyclist who rode very well at the National Junior Road Championships, and has brought that form into the Cycling SA Super Series.”

“As a very new U19 the step up to open racing can be tough but the Category 2 Series is a great opportunity for young riders to show their stuff.”

“At this stage, Hannah is looking to balance both road and track, and the Cycling SA Development Team is a great way for Hannah to get senior racing experience, and we are looking forward to the rest of the Series”

Category 2 – Women Top 3

  1. Hannah SEELIGER (Cycling SA State Development) 17:39.4
  2. Emily HILL (Blackchrome Butterfields) 17:46.0 +6.5
  3. Jazz MARTIN (Coffylosophy Cycling Team) 18:05.4 +26.0
  4. Kayla MCSPORRAN (Coffylosophy Cycling Team) 18:40.9 +1:01.4
  5. Tessa MANNING (Y) (Blackchrome Butterfields) 18:42.9 +1:03.4

Harry Askew with his second place in Hill Climb Round 2 is the current series leader for Category 2 Men and Category 2 Women series leader is Hannah Seeliger (Cycling South Australia Development)

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