The Cycling SA Super Series is one of the only opportunities you'll get in a year to race as part of a team. The Super Series is a great chance to get together with your friends and use each other's strengths to the team's advantage, and a fun way to get tactical about your bike racing! Want to stack a team with your best climbing buddies? You mightn't be as handy as you think in the crits. Don't know any climbers? Now's a good time to ask around! Not sure if you know enough people to enter a team? There are plenty of people out there who love to race bikes, put yourself out there! You might just take home some great prizes!

Racing in the 2020 Super Series!

Expressions of Interest are now closed for the 2020 Super Series. You can enter as an individual at the links below!


We couldn't run the Super Series without a dedicated team of volunteers behind the scenes. We are always keen to have more hands on deck, so if you're available to help us with anything from becoming a commissaire to putting up barriers in the morning, we'd love to have you!

Volunteer Roles

At any given bike race there are a number of volunteer roles available, at varying degrees of involvement!

  • Commissaire/Race Official: Accredited by Cycling Australia, the commissaires make the racing decisions and keep track of the riders while they're racing. If you'd like to become one, you can find out more here!
  • Corner Marshal: Directs ONLY the race, does not interact with vehicle traffic, may be required to manage pedestrian crossing of the course when appropriate.
  • Traffic Marshal: Has completed a SAPOL Traffic Marshal course and is legally allowed to direct traffic under managed conditions.
  • Sign On: Will run the sign-on desk for riders to sign on to race, not required after sign-on closes.
  • Bump-in/Pack Down: Manual labour, usually only required for 2-3 hours per day, before and/or after racing.
  • Help with Junior programming: Only required for approx 1hr while Junior come-and-try racing is scheduled (usually in the middle of the day). Must be a parent of a child participating and/or have a current DCSI screening approval.
  • Follow/Neutral Car: Must be familiar with role of a neutral car in a road race, and provide own vehicle.

If you 're available to volunteer in any capacity, we want to hear from you! Register your interest in volunteering at the 2020 Super Series by getting in touch with Cycling South Australia.