Super Series 2020: Individual Entries FAQ

August 31, 2020

While the best part of the Super Series each year is arguably the team racing, we know that it’s not for everyone! Whether you’re just starting out, representing a team that’s not got enough riders in Adelaide to field a full team, or just want to see how you go on your own, racing as an individual at the Super Series is still a possibility! Especially for those who we know were super keen to get a crack at the all-new Cat 3 graces this year, we’re making sure that everyone is catered for with our Individual Series Passes.

Series Pass

Buying a Series Pass from Entryboss will net you approximately a 25% discount on your entry fees over entering each round individually. You’ll be automatically entered in each round of the Series that your grade is being offered at, so once you’ve entered the Series Pass, you’re good to go!

Entry caps

With Elite, Cat 1 and Cat 2 individual entries going into the same race as the Team Entries, Entry Caps will be in place for each grade. Given the number of Teams entered in each Elite/Cat 1/Cat 2 grades there will only be a small number of Series Passes, and those who purchase a Series Pass will have priority entry to each round, so if you know you want to race don’t sleep on it!

Cat 3 Series Passes

With loads of you keen on racing the Series in Cat 3, we are offering Series Passes to 5 rounds of the 2020 Super Series in Cat 3 Women and Cat 3 Men’s & Masters (combined). Riders will enter and race as individuals, but are allowed to wear Team kit. There will be Cat 3 racing at Round 1 (Pakapakanthi Criterium) an Individual Time Trial on the TTT course at Lenswood, our TBC mystery Round 5, and the final two rounds of the Series – Gawler and Unley. Stacks of value at only $100!

Junior Super Series – Series Passes

The Junior Super Series will run again on the back 4 Rounds of the 2020 Series, and additionally there will be a standalone Junior race at Round 1’s Pakapakanthi Criterium. Riders will need to enter individually for the September 12 standalone race, but the Junior Series Pass will get you the last 4 entries all in one go as above.

Pricing structure

CategoryPrice# RoundsRounds
Elite Men / Elite Women$2408 Rounds1, 3-9
Cat 1 Masters$2107 Rounds1, 3-8
Cat 2 Men / Women / Masters$1757 Rounds1, 3-8
Cat 3 Men / Women / Masters $1005 Rounds1,2,5,7,8
Junior A / Junior B$604 Rounds5,6,7,8
Junior C / Junior D$304 Rounds5,6,7,8

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