Most Aggressive? More Like Most PREPD!

September 14, 2020

For those who were paying special attention at the Rd I: Pangkarra Criterium of the 2020 99 Bikes Super Series, you would have seen the winners of the Most Aggressive category receiving a little prize pack from PREPD. To them it will be no surprise that they are our sponsor of the Most Aggressive rider of the race in every grade.

The Most Aggressive rider is probably not the most apt description of the classification, but rather the most active rider who has tried to break away, to shake the race up and most importantly, keep the crowd entertained. A little like the Brownlow medal in the AFL, the Most Aggressive is determined by the Chief Commissaire, in consultation with the chief judge. So, as a top tip for those wanting to win themselves some PREPD, make sure you are attacking over the start finish!

But what is PREPD? PREPD might look like protein shake, but it is so much more. Best described as a hydration enhancer PREPD will help any athlete (pro or not) get the most out of their hydration. PREPD is an Adelaide based company, backed by peer-reviewed science developed by Flinders University. To learn more about what they do, follow the link here:

Certified by HASTA, PREPD is quickly becoming a must have product for a large number of the best athletes in Australia.

Already strongly invested in the South Australian Cycling – sponsoring the FOCUS-Pedla CX team and supporting Oliver’s Real Food Racing, a team who have always had a strong representation of riders based in South Australia – but PREPD is not content with just supplying Australia. They just completed an investment round where the raised over 300% of their minimum investment amount – close to $800000. This investment is primed to take the company global.

PREPD will be providing podium goodies for all Most Aggressive recipients across the entire Series. We look forward to seeing what the riders are willing to do to get their hands on the samples across the series, and thank PREPD for jumping on board the series in what has been a difficult year for many companies.

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