MetroMap Joins Super Series Family

July 9, 2021

The Super Series is overjoyed to announce that once again we have a Naming Rights Sponsor for the 2021 Super Series, and this time it’s a little out of left-field! We’ve partnered with MetroMap for the 2021 edition of South Australia’s favourite road-racing Series, and we’re excited at what we’ll be able to do together.

MetroMap is a spatial data platform that mixes high-resolution imagery and precise geolocation data into an accessible web-based platform loaded with measuring tools. MetroMap clients are from businesses of all sizes from individual traders up to large enterprises. Whether it’s construction, engineering, architecture, government, energy and utilities, roofers, solar installers, or landscapers, anyone who needs to see high-resolution imagery and measure the world precisely will benefit from MetroMap.

The MetroMap web-browser platform in use.

The MetroMap team are looking forward to the collaboration, saying, “As a proud South Australian company, we’re very excited to support such a great local event. We have an office full of passionate sports fans looking forward to seeing MetroMap logos splashed around the many locations the Super Series reaches.”

Here at the Super Series, we’ll be using the MetroMap platform to help us manage and plan our events, whether that is scouting for new race locations, checking course surfaces or developing site maps, and we always get an impressed look when we turn up to a meeting with a council with a high-res map in hand.

GM of AusCycling’s South Australian operations, Lachie Ambrose, is pleased with the partnership. “It’s great to see a non-bike-industry partner jumping on board with the Super Series as a major partner for the first time in several years. We’ve had the opportunity to use the MetroMap products while organising the Series, and can absolutely see the value for a wide variety of industries and uses, not just scouting locations for bike races!”

If you’re someone who uses maps in your day-to-day life or you’re just curious about what this new Wallaroo Road Race course will look like, head on over to MetroMap and sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial to get a good, close look for yourself. While you’re there, tell ‘em the Super Series sent you by popping that in the “any specific requirements” field!

We’ll be shooting out some more information about each round of this year’s Series and the other partners who have helped us to put it together for you over the next two months, so keep your ear to the ground, your eyes peeled and stay on your toes or you might miss one!

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