Friends Of The Super Series Put Up Classification Prizes

August 6, 2021

The continued success of the Super Series is due in no small part to the massive support we receive from local businesses, whether they’re cycling related or not! One of the places we see that support come through is in putting up prizes for you all to chase in your pursuit of glory in the many Classifications at the 2021 MetroMap Super Series. Each Classification has a different title sponsor, and depending on what kind of a rider you are you could be up for more than one!

SCODY General Classification (GC)

The GC is the overall Points classification for the Series. Winning races gets you the most points, but there are points all the way down to 10th so even on a bad day or when there’s a break you didn’t make it into, it’s worth trying to kick it in the sprint to get yourself in the points. SCODY award an optimise Leader’s Jersey to the leader of each grade’s GC at the end of every Round, and that jersey is yours to keep! You’ll race in it at the next Round of the Series, and hopefully hang on to the lead so you can keep wearing it. At the end of the Series, the winner in each grade’s GC will get a $200 SCODY voucher to spend in their webstore!

SCODY are our favourite Aussie kit brand, with all SCODY kit designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia. They have been supplying the Super Series Leaders’ Jersey for years on end, and are massive supporters of cycling all through Australia. Make sure the next time you buy kit, you buy SCODY!


Mischief Brew Sprint Classification (SP)

One for those who maybe don’t fancy themselves being able to hold on to a GC lead after the Gawler Kermesse, the Sprint Classification is always hotly contested across all of the grades, often coming down to the last race and sometime right down to the last prime! Riders will sprint for points twice at most Rounds of the 2021 MetroMap Super Series, and the first three riders in each prime sprint will be awarded 3, 2 and 1 points in the SP class. The rider at each round who scores the most Sprint points will get a cheeky little prize from Mischief Brew, and at each Round the leader of the Sprint Classification will get custom numbers with their name on them to wear at that Round’s racing. At the end of the Series, all grades Sprint winners will receive a gift pack from Mischief Brew valued at $200.

Mischief Brew have sponsored the Super Series in one way or another for the last couple of years, and we’re delighted to have them back in 2021. Located on Vintage Rd in Underdale, the legends at MB don’t just roast and brew some of Adelaide finest coffee, they also run a sweet little neighbourhood deli alongside warehouse-mates Juice Lovers and the rest of the Squatters Collective.


Adelaide Bike Fit Young Rider Classification (YR)

A stalwart of the Adelaide bike racing scene and by some accounts, the only man worth seeing if you want your bike to fit right, Nashy at ABF has once again put up some prizes for the Young Rider category at the 2021 MetroMap Super Series. At the end of each round, the first three riders under the age limit will be awarded 3,2 and 1 points in order of final placing in that Round’s racing, and accumulate points throughout the Series. At each Round, the rider in top spot for this category will pick up custom coloured numbers with their name on them at sign on to ride in for that day’s racing. At the end of the Series, the winner of the YR class will receive a bike fit from Nashy!

Adelaide Bike Fit is one of Adelaide’s most respected fitters, and is the place you want to go if you’re having trouble with your bike fit or just want to make sure you’re getting the most from your position.


Pangkarra Foods Masters Classifications (M)

One for those who just don’t ever seem to age out of their racing categories, the Masters Classification in each grade is much like the Young Rider Classification in that it rewards a rider who might not finish first, but is first in their age bracket. The first three riders over a particular age in any  grade are awarded points, and the winner is the person with the most points at the end of the Series. At each Round, the rider in top spot for this category will pick up custom coloured numbers with their name on them at sign on to ride in for that day’s racing. Our friends from Clare, Pangkarra Foods, have put up a discount voucher for the person who takes home the most points in each grade at each round, and the winner of the class at the end of the Series will receive a gift pack full of Pangkarra products valued at $200.

Pangkarra is a family-owned business based in the Clare Valley producing fine food products including some of the best pasta we’ve had (and we’ve had a lot) and something they call PODs (short for Protein On Demand). These little packets of crispy seasoned chickpea and legume snacks are perfect for an afternoon snack!


PREPD Hydration Most Aggressive (MA)

Often awarded to a rider who was in the break all day but couldn’t make it stick, or who pulled a gutsy move with 5 laps to go only to get swallowed up in the final, the recipient of the Most Aggressive award is usually a rider who isn’t afraid to risk losing in order to try and win. Certainly a rider who is going to need every helping hand they can get to recover fully by the next Round! PREPD have put up a $30 prize pack for every grade’s Most Aggressive Rider at each Round of the 2021 MetroMap Super Series, so there’ll be no excuses for not coming back ready to take the win next time around. At each Round, the rider who took home Most Aggressive at the previous Round  will pick up custom coloured numbers with their name on them at sign on to ride in for that day’s racing.

PREPD are no stranger to Elite competition, and anyone who’s been around the traps a minute will recognise the brand and the product. A hydration product that keeps more water on board for longer, reducing the risk of dehydration during prolonged exercise, PREPD is a must-have for those long, hot summer rides where you just can never get enough water in.


If you want to catch up on the rest of the Partners of the 2021 MetroMap Super Series, just click on through to the Partners page below and you can view each brand. Click on any brand’s logo to be taken to their home page!

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