Individual Entries and Series Passes open now!

August 17, 2021

Don’t have a team to race on? No need to feel left out of the 2021 MetroMap Super Series! While racing in a team certainly has its perks when it comes to the Super Series, you can still enter and race as an individual if that’s more your flavour. Individual riders are eligible for all Classifications except the Teams class, so you can still target the Mischief Brew Sprint Class or the Pangkarra Foods Age Group Categories and take home some goodies. There are individual entries in all of the 8 senior grades at the 2021 MetroMap Super Series, and a few ways to go about it.

Entries are also now open for the 2021 99 Bikes Junior Super Series, though riders and parents should be aware that the Junior Super Series DOES NOT include the HOYTS Australia Criterium on September 11, and that Junior riders wishing to enter that race must do so on that Individual Round Listing.

Before the Series begins, you can grab a Series Pass. Just like entering a normal race on Entryboss, this is a one-and-done, super easy way to get your name on the Start List at every round. You just need to enter the Series Pass listing, and your entry will automatically be applied to all of the eligible rounds for your grade. If you decide you can’t race all rounds, then you can enter each round you do want to race individually!

Please note, there will be no Individual Series Pass entries to the Cat 2 Masters grade, due to a limited capacity and a full grade of Team entries. Entries for this grade may be made available Round-by-Round depending on course capacity. Grade caps may be instated in other Categories if necessary.


MetroMap Super Series – Seniors Individual Series Pass

99 Bikes Junior Super Series – Junior Individual Series Pass

Individual Round Entries (ACSA Entryboss Page)

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I enter the Series Pass, do I need to do anything else?

Nope, you’ll automatically be entered in all rounds of the Super Series in your grade. Only entrants in the Elite grades will be entered in Rounds 1-9, all other grades will be entered in Rounds 1-8.

What happens if I get halfway through the Series and want to change to a different grade?

You can get in touch with Series Organisers and request a grade change. If we see your entry before the Series begins and think you’re in the wrong grade, we’ll get in touch with you.

If I buy a Series Pass and then can’t make it to one of the rounds, do I get a partial refund?

You will only receive a partial refund for any round of the Super Series that is cancelled, or that you can’t race for medical reasons (including a direction from SA Health in relation to COVID-19). Any rider wishing to receive a partial refund must contact Series Organisers by email.

How is the 99 Bikes Junior Super Series Pass different?

Junior entries that purchase a Series Pass will be automatically entered in Rounds 4-8. Junior Super Series Pass holders will not be entered to the HOYTS Australia Criterium (Round 1 of the MetroMap Super Series) as it is not part of the Series, and should enter that race on its own.

When do Entries close?

Series Pass entries for the MetroMap Super Series will close on Wednesday, September 8 at 12 noon. After Round 1, Individuals will need to enter Round-by-Round.

Junior Series Pass entries for the 99 Bikes Junior Super Series will close before Round 5 – on Wednesday, October 6 at 12 noon.

Each Round’s entries will close at noon on the Wednesday preceding the race.

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