Cat 3 Men Proving Too Popular!

October 14, 2021

Due to the overwhelming success of the Cat 3 Men’s grade at this year’s MetroMap Super Series and as some of you would have already noticed on Entryboss, we have had to introduce an entry cap for each round of the remainder of the 2021 Series. Once the limit is reached, we will employ a waitlist for additional entries that will be notified if they have got a spot once all Entries for that round are closed.

For Aldinga (R5) and Unley (R8), this means we will have entries open for Cat 3 Men’s individuals, but once the cap of 40 riders is reached, we will waitlist any further entries. We will not be taking any non-Series Pass entries to the Gawler Kermesse (R6) in Men’s Cat 3.

At the East End Street Race (R7), we have created a separate Cat 3 Extras (Non-Series) grade for individuals to race, as this unique course will surely pique some interests! All Cat 3 Men’s individual entries will be placed into this non-Series grade while Team Entries and Series Pass holders will be entered into the Cat 3 Men grade immediately after the Extras race in the schedule.

If you are already entered or are a Series Pass holder that is NOT going to race at one of the upcoming rounds of the 2021 MetroMap Super Series, we ask that you contact Series Organisers to arrange a partial refund for this round so your spot can be opened up to a waitlisted rider.

We’re excited at the massive uptake of this grade at the Series this year, and it bodes well for a separated Cat 3 Masters grade as well as the Cat 3 Women and Cat 3 Men grades going into 2022.

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