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Well, it isn’t the way we thought we would be finishing up this year’s Super Series, but it’s certainly not been a year for things going the way we thought they would! While the cancellation of the Unley Oval Reserve Criterium is disappointing, we are excited to be able to offer a finale to the 2020 Super Series which will roll together the Elite Points Race at Pakapakanthi and the Round 8 Criterium for all non-Elite grades.

The Pakapakanthi Criterium and Points Race will take place on Saturday, December 19 from noon at the Pakapakanthi criterium track, with help from our friends at Mischief Brew, Gang Gang and Big Shed Brewing Co. We’re excited and grateful to have an opportunity to send off the 2020 Super Series, and we hope that in addition to getting a race in in your grade, you can bring the family out to the wide open expanse of Pakapakanthi (it makes social distancing easy!) and hang out for a bit. Grab a burger, get a coffee or a juice, and then stick around in the evening to catch the Elite Points Races for some watt-based fireworks!

Given the unexpected lockdown and subsequent cancellation of our final rounds of the 2020 99 Bikes Super Series, we have decided it’s fairest to call the results of the Series Standings as they are for all of the non-Elite Team grades. That means that in Cat 1 Masters, Cat 2 Men, Cat 2 Women, and Cat 2 Masters, the Series has been run and won! We will hold presentations after each race for the winners of each classification in these grades as well as presenting the winners of each classification in the bonus round to keep things interesting! That means that, for example, the current leader of the Big Shed Brewing Co Sprint Classification will be presented with their prize as well as the person who scores the most Sprint points in this Bonus Round. We might need a bigger podium!

The non-team grades will have this race count as the final round of their 2020 Super Series! Junior A, Junior B Boys, Junior B Girls, Junior C, Junior D, Cat 3 Men & Masters and Cat 3 Women will all have their Series decided at this last round on the 19th. We know it’s quite a while between drinks, but we’re excited to see who comes out on top in this last round!

At the end of the day, the Elite grades will race their Final Round Points Race to decide their Super Series Final Standings. Racing for GC Points means this is still wide open for anyone to win, and we could see a big upset if a small group of GC hopefuls finds themselves off the front without the frontrunners. Series Presentations for each Elite grade will be held after those races are run!

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The racing will kick off at noon, with the fastest racing occurring in the evening during the Points Race. Based at Pakapakanthi and using the "Short Course" you'll have the perfect opportunity to sit down, enjoy the hospitality on offer, and watch some exciting finishes. Note program subject to change, please confirm closer to the event date. In the event of hot weather, an alternate schedule will be distributed with racing in the early morning and evening to avoid the heat of the day.

Category Start Time Distance Riders/Team Sprints Presentation (expected)
Junior D 12:00 10 Minutes + 1 lap 12:30
Junior C 12:01 15 Minutes + 2 laps 12:35
Junior B 12:20 20 Minutes + 2 Laps 13:00
Junior A 12:45 25 Minutes + 2 Laps 13:30
Cat 3 Men & Masters 13:15 30 Minutes + 2 Laps 2 14:05
Cat 3 Women 13:50 30 Minutes + 2 Laps 2 14:40
Masters Cat 2 14:25 35 Minutes + 2 Laps 6 2 15:20
Women Cat 2 15:05 35 Minutes + 2 Laps 6 2 16:00
Men Cat 2 15:45 40 Minutes + 2 Laps 6 2 16:45
Masters Cat 1 16:30 45 Minutes + 2 Laps 6 2 17:35
Elite Men (Points Race) 18:00 32 Laps 6 8 19:15
Elite Women (Points Race) 18:55 32 Laps 6 8 20:10
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Parking is NOT available on Wakefield Rd (both sides!), only in the off-street car parks to the East of the track, accessible from Fullarton Rd.


Victoria Park is home to multiple cafes, so there's no shortage of coffee or food


Kiosk on 16

A favourite with the early-morning weekday crowd, Kiosk on 16 has a fun, relaxed atmosphere in their outdoor seating area complete with toys and games for kids and adults alike. Perfect for ducking away from the race for a moment to get your bearings again!


The Velo Precinct

Nestled right under the grandstand, the Velo Precinct is just as comfortable serving you a full breakfast, a deli-style lunch or just giving the kids somewhere to play while you grab a juice.



Our friends at Gang Gang missed out on serving you delicious burgers at the cancelled Unley Oval Reserve Criterium, so they've agreed to come down and sling the good stuff for you at this one!