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After the Rd 1 Points Race is done, we're heading back up to Lenswood for a favourite from last year, the Altitude Cycling & Fitness Team Time Trial! Teams will again need to think critically about their tactics - do they make up as much time as they can on the flats, and hope their riders have enough in the legs for the climb, or do they save their climbers for the finish and use up their sprinters to protect them?

This Team Time trial takes on a brutal course made up of two out-and-back-style sections - riders will head North from the Lenswood Oval along Swamp Rd toward Lobethal Rd, then turn back toward Greenhill Rd and ride the length of Swamp Rd before turning back again, this time turning left up Stentiford Rd. The grade on Stentiford hits a whopping 16.2% which typically decimates a team's tactics and leaves everyone scrambling for the wheel of their strongest climber.

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All racing will be done by noon, with the final presentations not long after that! Please see below for full Start Times, team by team, and the Spectator Guide below that for general category starts.

Category Team Name Start Time
Cat 2 Men Van D'am Racing 8:30
AUCC 8:32
GCC & Friends 8:34
Norwood CC 8:36
Rocket Team Racing 8:38
Cat 2 Women Team Envirosport - Titan Performance 8:40
Cycling South Australia Development 8:42
Team Scyon 8:44
Butterfields Racing 8:46
Cat 2 Masters Transitions Drivewear 9:10
Harcourt Williams 9:12
PACC White 9:14
Team Scyon 9:16
Power-On Ord Minnett 9:18
Team Envirosport - Titan Performance 9:20
Tonsley Village 9:22
ADX Depot 9:24
PACC Black 9:26
Norwood CC 9:28
USG Cycling Team 9:30
Cat 1 Masters Keystone Cycling 9:49
Tonsley Village 9:51
Team Prochem 9:53
Zero Friction Cycling 9:55
Chesser Chemicals 9:57
Elite Women Butterfields Racing Teal 10:17
USG Cycling Team 10:19
Butterfields Racing Pink 10:21
Gravier Cycle Collective* 10:23
Team Prochem* 10:25
Cycling Australia Academy 10:27
Cycling Australia 10:29
Elite Men Gravier Cycle Collective 10:53
SASI 10:55
Chesser Chemicals 10:57
Cycling Australia 10:59
USG Cycling Team 11:01
Butterfields-Appselec p/b VDR 11:03
Focus-Attaquer 11:05
Olivers Real Food Racing 11:07
Tonsley Village 11:09
Cycling Australia Academy 11:11

*these two teams had been placed incorrectly based on an error in Series standings. Their times were published incorrectly in previous documents, but both teams hove now been notified of their official start times.

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Round 2 Spectator Guide
Round 2 Spectator Guide (1)


Strava/.GPX available here!

Parking is available at Lenswood Oval (where each team will start), less than 30km from Adelaide via Greenhill Rd or Lobethal Rd. Participants and spectators are asked if approaching by car to PLEASE aenter via Stentiford Rd from the South and NOT Swamp Rd from the North, especially once racing is begun at 8:30am.

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Our friends over at KOM Coffee will be travelling up for this one with their portable cargo bike coffee machine - though we don't expect them to ride it all that way!


800 X 40PX (1)