Saturday 4th November The Range

The Teams Time Trial provide some of the fastest events on bikes. With full time trial setups at the Tour de France, teams will average over 50km/h! Teams have to work in unison, having to finish with 4 of their starting 8 riders to have their time recorded. For the strongest riders on the teams, it's about controlling their effort. For the weekest, it's about holding on with all that they have!

Riders will face two laps of the rolling circuit around "The Range" course in the Onkaparinga Council. Punctuated by short climbs and rolling flats riders will be expected to hit high speeds around the course. Pacing the effort will be a tough challenge even for the most experienced of teams.

Riders will head out towards Willunga hill along rolling rises. Just before they reach Willunga hill they do a sharp left onto a fast downhill, where riders will hit over 70km/h as they descend before a final climb up to the finish line.

Riders will do two laps of this testing course.

Start Times:

9:00:00 AM Category 2 Men         Cycling Shrikes
9:02:00 AM Category 2 Men         Cycling SA State Development - White
9:04:00 AM Category 2 Men         Norwood Cycling Team
9:06:00 AM Category 2 Men         Adelaide University - Form Physio Racing
9:08:00 AM Category 2 Men         Gravier.CC X Spin Cycle Clothing
9:10:00 AM Category 2 Men         Cycling SA State Development - Red
9:40:00 AM Cyclo Sportif Team     Invictus Pathway Program
9:42:00 AM Category 2 Masters    Team Scyon
9:44:00 AM Category 2 Masters     PowerOn-Resonate Acoustics
9:46:00 AM Category 2 Masters     ADX Depot
10:18:00 AM Category 2 Women     Port Adelaide CC White
10:20:00 AM Category 2 Women     Port Adelaide CC Black
10:22:00 AM Category 2 Women     Port Adelaide CC Silver
10:24:00 AM Category 2 Women     Coffylosophy Cycling Team
10:26:00 AM Category 2 Women     Blackchrome Butterfields
10:28:00 AM Category 2 Women     Cycling SA State Development
10:02:00 AM Category 1      Masters PowerOn-Iocane
11:04:00 AM Category 1       Masters BE-BMW
11:06:00 AM Category 1       Masters Keystone Cycling
11:08:00 AM Category 1       Masters Lightsview
11:40:00 AM Category 1       Women Butterfields Focus
11:42:00 AM Category 1       Women SASI - Red
11:44:00 AM Category 1       Women Ventou Cycling Team
11:46:00 AM Category 1       Women Mercedes-Benz Adelaide Blackchrome
11:48:00 AM Category 1       Women SASI -Blue
12:22:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men      JBlood Adventures Cycling Team
12:24:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men      Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields
12:26:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men      McNeil Logistics
12:28:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men      Cervelo - Olivers Real Food Racing
12:56:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men      USG Cycling Team
12:58:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men      SASI
1:00:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men        IsoWheySports SwissWellness
1:02:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men        Lightsview
1:04:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men        Focus Attaquer
1:06:00 PM Category 1 Elite Men        Mitchelton/Scott pb CA
Team Time Trial


Covering 16.85 km each lap, the course features a punchy climb, fast downhills and rolling hills. The current Strava course record is held by Leo Simmonds (USG Cycling) at just under 22 minutes for one lap. There is a high chance we could see this broken this year!



Definately not a flat profile. The course has several steep pitches and has almost 100m of climbing every lap.