Round Two | Old Freeway Hill Climb

October  8th

In 2016 the freeway hill climb saw Russel van Hout upstage National Time Trial Champion and Tour de France Stage Winner Rohan Dennis to take the win. Climbing Super Star Nusah Kerrin took the win in the women’s category.

This year you can spectate AND have a crack to see how you compare to the best in the state. Full Entry opportunities will be released closer to the event date.

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Round two takes us to the ‘Old Freeway hill climb’. Beginning at the ‘Kennels’, riders will make their way to the top via the bike path experiencing a mixture of steep pitches and flatter connections and even a small downhill in the middle. Inside the final few kilometres is a great spot for spectators where the Old Freeway climb reaches its steepest. At this point, riders will be trying to squeeze every last bit of energy out of their legs in a final charge up to the finish. The current record is held by Isowhey- Swiss Wellness rider Cameron Bayly with a time of 12 minutes and 40 seconds on the 6km climb. In the women’s category, the fastest time was set by Nusha Kerin with a time of 16 minutes and 48 seconds. Don’t forget to upload your photos and follow CSA on Facebook, twitter and Instagram for social media content surrounding the Super Series.


The hill climb will take place on Mount Barker Road. It is located around 10 minutes east of Adelaide city centre. A lesiruely ride, or there are plenty of parking spots along the route. Just make sure you don’t impede trafic or the riders!


There will be NO parking at the start of the hill climb. Riders and spectators are asked to park at the top of the hill climb. Access to the finish line and parking will be available along Shurdington road and the preceding streets.


Follow Cycling South Australia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use the hashtag #SuperSeries17 to follow the event and share your photos.


Race day registrations will take place near the finish line on Shurdington road. Riders will be required to sign on at least one hour prior to their scheduled start time. The finish line has been indicated in the top left corner of the photo below (Shurdington Rd).


All place getters must present to the podium immediately following the race finish. Riders must be presented in their correct attire – race kit, no hats or sunglasses.


Technical Regulations

  • The Super Series will be conducted under the Rules and Regulations of Cycling Australia. To view these please view their website
  • Riders are not permitted to use aero equipment for the hill climb including but not limited to. TT wheels, aero bars etc.
  • No follow cars allowed.
  • No spare wheels allowed.
  • One number per rider (Placed in the centre of the lower back).
  • Flashing red light must be used.
  • Riders must not slipstream other riders- if they are caught they will be DQ’D.
  • A rider that misses their start will not be given a restart- they must present to the Head Commissaire who will let the rider proceed when safe.
  • Bikes must be compliant with UCI bike weight regulations.

Set up of rollers and marquees

Setting up rollers or marquees on footpaths, driveways or against buildings is not permitted. Please respect public walkways, local residents and traders Penalties could be issued by Council Staff.


Click Here for the 2017 Super Series R2 Official Start Times