The Range Cyclo Sportif Super Series Challenge features a course with punchy climbs and rolling flats. The event takes place right after the 2017 Super Series Team Time Trial (TTT) event, meaning if you rock up early you will get to see the best teams in South Australia battle it out for the TTT title.

Date: Saturday 4 November
Start: the first team will roll out at 2:00 pm
Event Location: The Range
Rider Sign On: From 12:30 pm at The Range War Memorial Hall
Distance: 2 Laps (33.6km) or 3 Laps (50.4km)
Team Size: Four – Ten

Registrations: here 

Course: Map My Ride

Riders will head out towards Willunga hill along rolling rises. Just before they reach Willunga hill they do a sharp left onto a fast downhill, (Super Series teams are expected to hit over 70km/h on this descent) before a final climb up to the finish line.

Click on the above banner or here to register your team (or for individuals to link to their team) for the Cyclo Sportif Super Series Challenge! Registrations will close midnight Thursday, 2 November 2017.

How do I register a Cyclo Sportif team?

Step 1: Nominate a Team Captain! The Team Captain does not have to be a participant, they are simply responsible for 1) registering the team name and 2) making sure their teammates register for the event.

Step 2: Before registering any riders online, using the above link and hit the ‘Register New Team’ tab, register your team. During team registration you will be asked the enter the following:

  • Team captain contact details
  • Team name
  • Team category (men, women or mixed)
  • Team captain password (used to manage your team, see who has registered and linked to your team) and;
  • Team password (used by team members to link to a team during the registration process)

Step 3: Forward your team password on to all your teammates so they can link to your team.

What is Cyclo Sportif?
Cyclo Sportif events are timed team events. Teams work together against the clock for a set distance (two or three laps) chosen by the team. The object of a Cyclo Sportif is for your team to ride and stay together!

  • If one of your team members has a mechanical, then all team members should stay with that rider until the problem is fixed.
  • If you have a slower team member, then all team members should drop their speed back, so that everyone rides together. Follow the #1 Rule, we don’t drop teammates in a Cyclo Sportif!
  • Each rider assists the other rider in their team, e.g. the strong riders protect the less experienced riders, but all team members have a role to play in getting to the finish line.
  • Each team will depart the start line in timed intervals (e.g. 2 minute) and be provided with a finishing time.
  • Your team’s time will be taken when your last rider crosses the finish line; making the object of the event to stay together and work as a team!

These events are run with council & SAPOL approval. Corners where traffic may need to be stopped are manned by accredited traffic marshals. Corners where teams need to be advised to turn are manned by corner marshals. Medical personnel are also in attendance during the event.

Your Cyclo Sportif registration includes:

  • Challenging (but achievable) courses
  • Event timing
  • Your ride time recorded and published
  • Medical support (if required)
  • Toilets
  • Free viewing of the 2017 Super Series Team Time Trial finish in person!

What you need to participate

  • A mechanically sound bike
  • Australian standard approved helmet in good condition
  • Your own water bottle and any additional snacks you need during the ride
  • A spare tube, pump and puncture repair kit (including tyre levers)
  • Wet weather gear, sunscreen, photo ID and mobile phone or money for a phone call
  • Event organisers will not be responsible for bikes or personal items.


Road Safety Awareness

  • You must obey all Australian Road Rules
  • Please be aware that this is an open road event and you will be sharing the road with other traffic.
  • Keep to the left and ride no more than two (2) a breast at any time
  • Keep a safe distance from your team members in front.
  • Move off the road before you dismount.
  • You must wear an approved Australian Standards bicycle helmet.
  • Use of flashing front and rear lights and wearing bright clothing is highly recommended to improve your visibility to others.
  • You must ensure your bike is serviced and ready for the ride
  • If you encounter another team, pass only in single file and only on the right of other riders.
  • Be aware of your team members, fellow riders and other traffic. Indicate and call out your intention to slow down, stop or change direction
  • Be sociable and safe.
  • Take care as other traffic may be travelling at high speeds.
  • Private support vehicles are not permitted along the route. Vehicles belonging to family and friends must use an alternative route.
  • There may be police will be patrolling the route and any riders found to be riding outside of the road rules will be subject to penalties under the Australian Road Rules.

Signage & Marshals

  • From start to finish there will be arrows and other signage marking the route.
  • There will be marshals (wearing fluorescent vests) on the event route. All volunteers and staff involved in the event will be clearly identifiable. The marshals do not have the authority to stop motorists; they are there for your safety and other road users. Please listen and follow their instructions.